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Bruce Kieffer is a nationally known artist, woodworker, furniture builder, and author. He will create and build fine furniture to meet your needs. Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and their surrounding Minnesota communities since 1978.

I began professionally building furniture in 1978. I’ve built everything imaginable including uniquely designed art furniture, Stickley and other reproductions, all types of household furniture, even canoes and a sailboat. Fine furniture and cabinets built to meet your needs is my specialty. I enjoy challenges and excel at creating the unusual. Please look at both my
Furniture and Literature pages to see examples of furniture I've built over the years. Pictures of my studio.

In 1988 I started writing and producing freelance woodworking projects, articles, and plans for various woodworking and home improvement publications. Today I split my woodworking time about 50/50 between custom built furniture and woodworking literature.

In 1998 I began offering my services as a technical illustrator.

In 2017 I started
Thrifty Cabinets, pre-assembled cabinets and furniture for you, plans for woodworkers.
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